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Enterprise Software Development Survey

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Finally... The Results!

This survey was intended for IT professionals such as developers, administrators, project managers, and IT executives. It's goal was to gather information that will help to evaluate the use of .Net and J2EE technologies in building Enterprise Software Solutions.

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated. Along with everyone, I expected the results to come out much sooner. As most of you probably all know, projects come up that consume much more time than they should and so I never got to compiling and publishing the survey results until now.

While there are more details that could've been discussed, what I have at this point is a powerpoint presentation that summarizes the survey results. If anyone is interested in more of the survey details, send me an email or post your request on the forum.

Click below to download the survey results and original questionnaire.


Regarding the iPod prize, there were 182 responses so I have randomly selected and contacted a participant to receive a 1 Gigabyte iPod Shuffle. Congratulations!

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in this survey. I hope you find the results interesting and helpful.

Gary Mui